Frontrow Saves Lives

Host Bamba Leano (farthest right) and the wonderful FRONTROW volunteers who partook in the Blood Letting Activity.

“Asian Hospital and Medical Center would like to extend its utmost gratitude to FRONTROW Enterprise Inc. for the Mobile Blood Drive. This event was truly a success because of the members’ and company’s support. Kudos to everyone who participated! I wish that you continue to partake in this life-changing activity.” Asian Hospital Blood Bank Coordinator Angelica Balderama delightfully stated.

As lively as a shade of red, blood is synonymous to life. It can be the single key to recovery, or even survival, for victims of accidents or organ transplant and cancer patients. I recall that it took days to find a donor for a friend of mine who suffered critically from dengue and this put my friend’s life to serious risk. From here I learned that there should really be a constant supply of blood available in hospital facilities.

With a ceaseless effort to help and reach out to others, FRONTROW International facilitated a Blood Letting Activity in the two floors of the Quezon City Head Office last May 29, 2016. This was conducted in partnership with the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, who will also be storing the blood amassed from the successful event that was able to collect from more than a hundred donors.

The posh FRONTROW headquarters was suddenly transformed into a clinic facility with tables for donor screening and soft patient beds for approved donors. Through a thorough examination process, the Asian Hospital representatives ensured that the blood donated was absolutely safe for transfusion and, of course, that the volunteers underwent a safe and comfortable procedure.


I was truly amazed when I discovered that through this channel of helping others, you are also helping yourself. Bloodletting offers great benefits to blood donors like lowering the risk of heart disease, boosting blood cell production and burning up to 650 calories. Now that I found this out, I cannot wait to donate again after the allowed three-month period!

Subsequent to resting for fifteen minutes after the procedure, donors were immediately revived with blood pumping entertainment by Bamba Leano (which went on for the entire day until evening) and powerful song numbers by “Are You the Next Big Star’s” Grand Winner, Geoff Taylor. It really never is a FRONTROW event without a stunning production… and without delicious food! All volunteers present were served hearty Filipino rice meals that brought back all the energy of the donors. Can you imagine that a few chosen volunteers were even able to participate in a Running Man Challenge Showdown?!!!

Indeed, so much more than simply donating blood transpired on this special day dedicated to saving the lives of others. All the volunteers I spoke to felt very much fulfilled. Aside from meticulously facilitating the Blood Letting Activity, FRONTROW rewarded donors with their LUXXE products. It was a total feel good day that made me feel even more honored to be part of FRONTROW. The numerous donors and FRONTROW members that helped make a difference on this day are heroes that I am proud to know. Hand in hand, FRONTROW and Asian Hospital and Medical Center, once again, pay it forward!

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