Frontrow Celebrates Family And Love!

Family is what matters most. We enter this world with our family and we continue to have them around as we progress. Especially mom and dad who were there for us even before we were born. We may not always physically be around them, but we share the same heart with our family members who truly care about us and sympathize with us. Hence, we should make it a point to see our loved ones as much as we can and partake in family traditions.

For the FRONTROW enterprise family, it has become an annual tradition to celebrate Family Day towards the end of April or beginning of May. The occasion allows all FRONTROW distributors to get together, once again, and include their loved ones from home in the joyous gathering. This year’s Family Day which was celebrated in the chandelier studded halls of the Makati office on May 1, indeed, made many FRONTROW families extremely happy.

The awaited event began with the celebration of the Holy Mass. The guest Priest spoke about being a loving Christian at heart by only doing good to others and doing your best in everything you do. It was nice that the Homily coincidentally connected well to this day which commemorated: LOVE. We obey God because we love God, we do good to others because we love others, we do good in our profession because we love our profession… we honor and work for our families because we love our families.

And as we speak of love, the FRONTROW Makati office halls were automatically filled with glee and inspiration as the LOVELY Bamba Leano and LOVING Philip Gonowon entered the stage to liven up the audience. The laughter and cheer around me certainly beat those in the variety shows I have witnessed. Interactive games which brought about the participation of distributors and their family members were a knock out. Certainly far from your typical Musical Chairs and Newspaper Dance, a Mr. MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) was even named among the Fathers that were present during the fun-filled event. The powerful song numbers of “Are You the Next Big Star’s” Grand Winner, Geoff Taylor, further hyped the already star struck audience.

The joyful crowd took a break from all the amusement as we were called to the glorious buffet table which had most coming back for a second serving. I even had to stop myself from coming back for a third serving of the appetizing Pasta! There was so much food that you won’t even believe it. With much reloaded energy, everyone resumed their seats in the audience hungry for more excitement and entertainment. The halls rained with laughter as Bamba performed her OPM medley to start the second leg of Family Day where a total of 100 brand new home appliances were imparted to the attendees as game and raffle prizes.

FRONTROW, which is a family by itself, exercised its favorite practices on this day of tradition: SHARING and bringing happiness to others. As the enterprise values its distributors, it also seeks to give tribute to the families each one works hard for. Family Day allows the family it does not see in the office to have a taste of life in the FRONTROW. After all, FRONTROW is one big HAPPY family!

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