Frontrow Baguio: Hot, Hot, Hot!

FRONTROW President RS Francisco and CEO Sam Verzosa, “Are You The Next Big Star’s” Geoff Taylor, and “That’s My Tomboy’s” Kit Cunanan got their groove on as they joined the Chicser and Top Distributors onstage!

The rain and chilly weather did not hinder the jubilant FRONTROW Baguio affiliates from coming together for the unforgettable Northern Summit last September 25, 2016. Excitement and laughter filled the YMCA Baguio hall as FRONTROW commemorated the twenty-three awards garnered during the Asia-Pacific “Asian Achiever” award ceremony the previous evening. The undisputable success of the enterprise in the scenic province was also highlighted on this special day.

FRONTROW Baguio distributors were ecstatic to be visited by the company’s President RS Francisco and CEO Sam Verzosa while electrifying celebrity performances by All-Boy Group Chicser and “Are You the Next Big Star’s” Geoff Taylor kept audiences screaming for MORE. “That’s My Tomboy” Grand Winner Kit Cunanan and Chicser’s Cav Villafuerte also surprised the crowd with a hot dance showdown. Although the fun did not stop there as the Baguio members had the time of their lives through up close and personal interactions (including photo ops) with the guest celebrities. And, boy, it was a great surprise when the FRONTROW Baguio “male dance troop” proved that they got talent, too!


Are You the Next Big Star Grand Winner, Geoff Taylor, serenades ecstatic female audiences during the AMAZING Summit.

Apart from the celebrity guests and celebrity owners, speeches by FRONTROW’s very own superstars who were honored the previous evening perfectly hit the spot. The attendees of the summit were inspired to pursue their dreams and capabilities, love every part of their craft, push forward and be the best they can be. The successful celebration facilitated by the Baguio frontrunners sure gave a boost to the hard working FRONTROW constituents based in the beautiful province.

Truly a melting pot of emotions, the summit that began with cheer ended with tears. The Baguio top earners could not help but get weepy, onstage, as they thanked company owner’s RS and Sam for supporting them with all their needs and making their success possible. Members of the audience could not help themselves from getting teary eyed, as well, which sure must have made up for the afternoon soap-operas missed on that day. No one can deny the overflowing joy and gratitude of FRONTROW Baguio who even prepared mementos for their President, CEO and company mentors who drove all the way to grace the Northern Summit.

The sleepless nights involved with putting this summit together truly paid off for event chair Divine Soriano whose exhaustion vanished upon seeing the large crowd of Baguio distributors witness their spearheads and leading business partners, “I am beyond glad with the turn out, seeing all the people here and receiving all this support. We worked very hard for this summit and I am happy that it was a success. Most of all, I am very thankful to our owners for their continuous support. They inspired us to do our best in organizing this special day with them,” gladly stated Divine. Indeed, you cannot hide the fact that Baguio is Loud & Proud FRONTROW… it is no wonder that the tranquil province aggressively maintains its #1 spot among all other 60+ rural offices. The mountainous Baguio may be cool and “chill”, but FRONTROW Baguio is hotter than ever. Keep up the good work, FRONTROW Baguio!

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