From “MRT Guy” To Frontrow Scholar

August 10, 2016 might just have been the vilest day (read: pinakamalas) for working student Aldrin Ryan Alcon. After a busy day in school, Aldrin had to rush to the City Hall to secure his requirements for work and then had himself evaluated at the restaurant he works for. As one of the many Filipino residents who are not blessed to have their own vehicles, this young man had to fall in a dreadfully long queue and make his way to a seat in the over-filled MRT to run another work-related errand. It was beyond his imagination that the woman standing right in front snapped a photo of him and soon after posted the unflattering photo of Aldrin on her social media account. This post that went viral contained spiteful words about Aldrin not offering his seat to the female passenger. Awful, wasn’t it?

You bet! That day itself must have been the worst for Aldrin who is now known as “MRT Guy”. The rather scheming lady concocted the hostile post to publicly humiliate Aldrin and gather netizens to side with her and go against the young man. On the contrary, those who viewed the post frowned upon the actions of the female passenger and sympathized with the poor and innocent “MRT Guy”. Despite the circumstances, Aldrin declared a public apology to the female “MRT Girl” explaining that he was just too tired to get up from his seat and was, in fact, contemplating to give his seat to the woman at that time. “MRT Guy” did not envision that anything good would have come out of this occurrence and decided to move on from this, although severely devastated.

It was little to “MRT Guy’s” knowledge that his story reached the President and CEO of FRONTROW International, both of who extremely felt for his situation. From here, the owners of the international enterprise decided to reach out to Aldrin and see how they can be of help to the young, unfortunate, man. It melted their hearts when they discovered that the hard-working HRIM student at STI was supporting both his family and his education through his job. Since FRONTROW’s calling is to change people’s lives, it did not take much thought for the company leaders to make life easier for the diligent Aldrin who is now their first ever student scholar. FRONTROW is now taking full care of Aldrin’s college education so that his hard earned income can go straight to him and his family.

Education, indeed, is the foundation to a good future and the entire nation wishes this for the kind-hearted “MRT Guy”. Praise to FRONTROW for its continuous pursuit to do good and be of help to those in need. As for “MRT Girl”, I wish she finds peace, happiness and… a guaranteed seat in the MRT (wink wink). This incident shows us that good fortune can come out of the worst scenarios. Let this inspire us to keep our heads up no matter how discouraging the circumstances are.


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  1. Gina Pimentel

    We are so proud to our PRESIDENT and CEO Engr. Sam Versoza ang Direk RS Francisco they are really two of a kind. Loud and proud Frontrow here in Qatar. God always keep our bosses safe and healthy.

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