In Photo: (Center, Front) Ms. Myles Andaya, (Back, Left-Right) Jameson Concepcion, President Raymond Francisco, Owy Posadas of the Chicser and Clarence Villafuerte of the Chicser at the TRAIN TO FRONTROW Photo Booth.

Raise your hands if you love celebrating Halloween! Well… I don’t know about you, but those who took part in FRONTROW’s “Train to Busan” inspired party, last October 30, 2016, have certainly come to love this amusing and spooky holiday. Why? Because it was… PLAIN FUN!!!

Apart from overflowing food and rocking music, the Halloween party-goers enjoyed interactive games like no other. Have you ever seen people in a party looking like this?…


FRONTROW members that took part in “The Boat is Sinking” and other fun games that evening.

If you think that they were down on the floor because there was a stampede… or maybe because of a zombie-virus outbreak, then you are wrong! You can blame it on comic and off-the-wall Host/Game Master Bamba Leano who had participants fight for exciting prizes.


Host Bamba Leano (in white Gown and Bloody Face Paint) with Train to FRONTROW Zombies.

And, you bet, those who partook went home happy with awesome prizes that included Cash and acclaimed LUXXE products. Those who went all out and got creative with their costumes were the highlight of the night and went home the happiest as the winners of BEST ZOMBIE, MOST INVENTIVE ZOMBIE, SCARIEST ZOMBIE and MOST HILARIOUS ZOMBIE were announced. Special awards such as LUXXE WHITE ZOMBIE, LUXXE SLIM ZOMBIE and LUXXE RENEW ZOMBIE were also bestowed. Indeed, FRONTROW loves to reward those who put in effort… especially during fun-filled company events like these.


Scariest Zombie Wences Jeff Esplana (Center of Photo) with Train to FRONTROW Zombies on the background.

Now that’s what transpired last HALLOWEEN at FRONTROW. Everyone had an amazing time and, those deserving, were rewarded at the same time. With the Christmas holiday coming soon, wonder how the next party will be? Ho ho ho… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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