Ms. Myles Andaya, Happy FRONTROW Blood Donors and Makati Medical Center Representatives in action!!!

Almost everyday, we hear about people suffering (and even worse, dying) from fatal diseases. Shouldn’t we do something to help if we are able to?

It was not until very recent that I truly felt the impact of hospitals not having enough blood supply. The father of a very dear friend was found to have leukemia (at a critical stage) and was struggling, hanging on to dear life. Part of his battle included daily blood transfusions. It was unfortunate that the hospital he was in did not have enough blood stored for this. My friend and her family had to search everywhere in an effort to keep her father alive… and trust me, it was NOWHERE near easy for them!

Aware that a pint of blood can make a great difference in saving a life, FRONTROW Enterprise (once again) allotted an entire day of accepting blood donations in the Quezon City Main Office last October 30, 2016. This time around (it, being the third time FRONTROW facilitated such an activity), Makati Medical Center conducted the volunteer screening and 100% safe extraction procedure. It was as if the whole hospital was brought into the posh office with cushioned hospital beds, complete equipment and sealed needle packs. “Today’s activity was, indeed, a success. We were able to gather nearly 200 bags which corresponds to a surprisingly huge number of volunteers. We would like to thank FRONTROW for partnering with us in this endeavor,” stated Aubrey Sarmiento, Donor Recruitment Officer at Makati Medical Center.


Eager FRONTROW Volunteers Register to donate blood.

FRONTROW Owners RS Francisco and Sam Verzosa sincerely stated, “It is our wish to impart that giving should come innately, and without expecting anything in return. It did not come as a surprise to us that hundreds of FRONTROW volunteers whole-heartedly lent a helping hand and donated blood. They are truly heroes in their own right and we are glad to have such courageous and compassionate individuals in our humble organization. Ultimately, it is through giving that we receive”. On the other hand, the commended FRONTROW volunteers actually felt gratified with the chance to be of help, “Right now, I’m quite dizzy but it feels great to help and contribute in saving someone’s life,” stated volunteer Cheryl Millendez. The volunteers were made to rest for 15 minutes after the extraction and were imparted rice meals, snacks and drinks for immediate recovery. Bags of award-winning LUXXE products were also distributed as tokens to the kindhearted volunteers.

If you think that this day for a cause was a serious one, however, then you are wrong! As volunteers waited for their turns to register and donate, live entertainment went on at the main lobby of the office. Humor, fun and delight were brought into the outreach event by, no other than, Bamba Leano. The “Comic Empress” saw to it that if the volunteers weren’t in any pain from the extraction, their stomachs would have to hurt from non-stop laughter. Words can not describe the amusement Bamba brings to a crowd, and I urge you to attend the next FRONTROW office event so you’d know what I’m talking about. Together with entertaining spiels and performances (of course) came interactive games. Now, apart from fun, what else comes with games??? PRIZES!!! Indeed, it was both a fulfilling and fun-filled Sunday.

The bags of blood gathered last blood letting day will be properly stored at the Makati Medical Center and used for hospital patients who will be in need of this. Due to the increasing number of patients and limited shelf life of stored blood, constant supplies are needed by medical institutions. Therefore, it is recommended to keep on donating blood after the three-month rest period. Keep in mind that apart from saving another person’s life, blood donation also lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes… and reduces iron levels (which can be toxic when excessive) in our body. Lastly, donating blood boosts blood cell production.

The father of my friend was just one of the many patients in need of blood transfusion. Apart from those suffering with Cancer, patients with organ failure and victims of accidents are also in constant need of this. As someone with no medical degree (and, at that, no deep knowledge in medicine), I realized that I can still do something to make a difference and contribute in saving someone’s life. By donating a small portion of blood, I can actually add length to someone else’s life… maybe even allow a child to enjoy the company of his/her parent for a longer time. Wouldn’t you want to make this happen? Thank you FRONTROW for bringing about a new breed of heroes and for being an instrument to saving lives!

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